2013 Publications

Cricut Magazine:
  • Shaped Card, "Brewing Up Some Fun" pg.25-26
  • Shaped Card, "Tomb It May Concern" pg.27-28
  • Party Favors, "Spider Cider" pg.52-53
  • Gift Set, "Spooky Treats" pg.54-55
  • Shaped Card, "Best Witches To You" pg.94-95
  • Gift Set, "Mom, I Love You!" pg.23-25
  • Shaped Card, "For Mom" pg.32-33
  • Gift Set, "An Apple For the Teacher" pg.42-43
  • Shaped Card, "A+ Teacher" pg.46-47
  • Treat Box, "Happy Easter Carrot Box" pg.26-27
  • Shaped Card, "You're Eggs-tra Special" pg.28-29
  • Shaped Card, "Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way!" pg.35
  • Shaped Card, "Hello Sunshine" pg.46-47
  • Treat Box, "4 You Gift Pail" pg.66-67
  • Home D├ęcor, "Happy Easter Fence" pg.71-73
  • Shaped Card, "Good Friends and Chocolate Make Everything Better!" pg.88-89
  • Shaped Card, "Girls Night Out" pg.90-91
  • Shaped Card, "You're Dino-Mite!" pg.28-29
  • Shaped Card, "Loads of Love" pg. 32-33
  • 3D Item, "Chocolate Truffle Box" pg.52-53
  • Treat Box, "Hugs Pail" pg.56-57
  • Shaped Box, "Bee Happy!" pg.66-67
  • Shaped Card, "Be Mine" pg.93
Cricut Idea Books:
*Cricut Simple & Stylish*
  •  Gift Set, "Mani-Pedi?" pg.92-93
  • Shaped Card, "Specially For You" pg.122-123
*Cricut Cards*
  • Shaped Card, "Lettuce Wish You A Happy Birthday" pg.108-109

*Cricut Babies*
  • Invitation, "Its A Baby Shower!" pg. 36-37
  • Shaped Card, "Boy, Oh Boy!" pg.40
  • Shaped Card, "Welcome Little One" pg.57
  • Shaped Card, "It's A Girl!" pg.74-75
  • Gift Set, "Baby Girl Set" pg.97-99
  • Shaped Card, "Congratulations on Your New Addition" pg.108
CARDS Magazine:
  • Card, "Christmas In The Heart" pg.28-29